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f for fields

W. C. Fields trying to relax at home circa 1935. Above, Claude, dressed better than I think I’ve ever seen him, flexes his specs. Below, he runs his daily letters by his dictaphone.

five pictures of bowie

Part One.

f for festival time!

Welles and Rey

Orson Welles and Fernando Rey at the 1973 San Sebastian Film Festival.

cute couple alert

Kim and Thurston’s wedding reception. Bethel, Connecticut. June 9, 1984.

And here are two that I took of them on October 21, 1995.

made in usa

Made in USA. Godard. 1966.


Flesh. Paul Morrissey. 1968.

antoine doinel

Les quatre cents coups. 1959. L’amour en fuite. 1979.