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way back

First Broadway Screen Booking

This is The Letter which started the screen career of the motion picture on Broadway, at the famous Koster & Bial’s Music Hall, where the Vitascope had its premiere a month later.

casino royale

“Armed forces orgy takes a militant turn of the moment when the generals discover that Le Chiffre has been making five-star stag films of their fun…Animosities built up during the frantic bidding for the blackmail shots — in which the Oriental gentleman in bathtub bids 30,000,000 Chinese — are further aggravated when Mata Bond substitutes real war films for blue material. ‘I was technical director for the whole sequence,’ Woody notes, ‘calling on my vast experience as idea man in a French brothel. I contained myself magnificently during the shooting, although I must admit I still have a fair amount of Max Factor on my hands'”

the stickers on records

Lee Hazlewood seal

Weird seal sticker on Requiem For An Almost Lady. Lee Hazlewood. 1971.

dig the critics

Spring 1973

Sight and Sound. Spring 1973.

on your sleeve

Super Hits

Super Hits. Marvin Gaye. 1970.



Lindsay Anderson. 1968.



Jacques Tati in Trafic. Tati. 1970.

catching up with the chaplins

Lita Grey

Chas with his future wife, twelve-year-oldĀ Lita Grey, on the set of The Kid. 1921.

la chinoise

Anne Wiazemsky in La Chinoise. Jean-Luc Godard. 1967.

record labels

Talking Heads Naked

Naked. Talking Heads. 1988.

Rediscovered this album last night. Lack of synthesizers and drum machines aside, this might be one of the most ’80s albums out there. The rich rock star discovers “World Music” is a minor 1980s music trope and a lot of the lyrical content locks this stuff in the 1987/8 time frame. Why this wasn’t a David Byrne solo album is beyond me. I bet the other three Talking Heads were thrilled about the band’s new direction. I recall that CD/cassette copies of this got a bonus track. A marketing ploy that was reversed within 5 years.