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party in the u.s.a!

Gary Cooper, Sally Eilers, Chaplin, Elsa Maxwell, Countess Dorothy Di Frasso, Jessica Stewart Sargent—wife of Richard Bartelmess, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. Circa 1928.

la jetée

La jetée. Chris Marker. 1962.

chris marker is dead

One-of-a-kind French filmmaker Chris Marker died yesterday at age 91. Click here for an obituary.



sketch for siegfried

Sketch/schematic for the dragon in Die Nibelungen: Siegfried. Fritz Lang. 1924.

banned in south africa!

Films and Filming. March 1969.

The offending image can be seen here.


The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Lotte Reiniger. 1926.

cover art

Well, well, well look who it is. Mark Frechette in one of his 2 post-Zabriskie Point roles: Many Wars Ago. Francesco Rosi. 1970.


Max Schreck in Nosferatu. Murnau. 1922.


Hoima MacDonald and Jane Birkin in Wonderwall. Joe Massot. 1968.

Jane Birkin and Iain Quarrier.