Monthly Archives: December 2011

the mini-skirt mob

Maury Dexter. 1968.

cute band alert

A few months ago, vintage everyday posted these incredible photos of The Stooges playing in a high school auditorium in 1970. There are more like these over there.

festival time!

Elizabeth Taylor and Jean Cocteau at Cannes. 1957.

clair directs

Rene Clair directs Marlene Dietrich on the set of The Flame of New Orleans. 1941.

way back

The Edison “Black Maria”, the first motion picture studio in the world, built to make pictures for the peep show Kinetoscope—the studio revolved to follow the sunlight.

cute couple alert

Clara Bow and Antonio Moreno in It. Clarence G. Badger. 1927.

santa claus

This year’s Santa: the 1979 line-up of Wings.

Past Santas: Blackie Lawless, Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud, Nick Ray.

christmas during wartime

Lieutenant F.W. Murnau celebrates Christmas with a brother officer during World War I.

record labels

Elvis’ Christmas Album. Elvis Presley. 1957.