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catching up with the chaplins


Chas is fingerprinted by George Rossini of the U.S. Marshal’s office as his attorney Jerry Giesler looms behind. A Federal grand jury indictment charged him with violating the Mann Act and of conspiring to defraud Joan Barry of her civil rights. Chas’ life was nothing if not messy. February 14, 1944.

smooth criminal

Roland Daniels

A burglar at age 26. 1913.

smooth criminal

Julius Toczlowski

shoot the right profile

Meet Julius Toczylowski, charged with larceny at age 18. Arrested April 29, 1934.

smooth criminal

Steve Pudlock

Larceny and Forgery at 23. Arrested September 2, 1911.

smooth criminal

Billy Simmon

A burglar at age 22. Arrested June 29, 1914.

mickey rooney as babyface nelson

Mickey Rooney (with Carolyn Jones) as Baby Face Nelson. 1957.

Lester Joseph Gillis aka Baby Face Nelson as Baby Face Nelson.

hundred-and-thirty-six-year-old headlines

It’s back to photographing running horses for Eadweard Muybridge after being acquitted of murdering the man who was cuckolding him. February 1875.

Muybridge. Circa 1884.

This begins a new category (for which I’ll come up with a terrible name later) about the dawn of and precursors to the movies. I’ll be culling the images to be included here from Terry Ramsaye‘s 1926 bone-dry, two-volume tome A Million And One Nights, A History of the Motion Picture Through 1925.

smooth criminal

A burglar at age 17. Arrested February 21, 1938.

smooth criminal

Alexander Perdyan

A burglar at age 16. Arrested June 5, 1936.

smooth criminal

I found some 1930s mug shots at an estate sale over the weekend. This guy was picked up for larceny and forgery of a government check. He was thirty-one years of age at the time of his arrest on September 4, 1937.