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on this day in lohan history

Michael Lohan prison art

August 22, 2006. On this day in Lohan History, Lindsay’s dirtbag father somehow got this artistic masterpiece of his out from behind prison walls and into the hands of US Weekly. He was in the middle of serving a sentence for drunk driving, contempt of court and, of course, beating his brother-in-law with a shoe. In a letter accompanying this drawing, he admitted that he had made some “stupid decisions.”

Oh, and this thing has a title: “The Spiritual Realities and Physical Elements of the Truth Behind This Whole Situation.” As to why US Weekly didn’t offer him a position on staff as prison cartoonist is anyone’s guess.

wilder directs

Wilder directs Cooper and Hepburn in Love in the Afternoon. 1957. (Secretly my favorite Wilder film. Seriously.)

five pictures of bowie

Part Four:

I’m thinking Station to Station era.

a book by its cover

death of a set

“Pinewood’s Alexandria stood through most of last winter and spring, through Elizabeth Taylor’s illness, the lengthy arguments over the Cleopatra insurance, the substitution of Rouben Mamoulian as director by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, and the calling in of Lawrence Durrell to write a new script. Now the whole Cleopatra project has removed itself to sunnier locations, the stone lions and temples and obelisks have been pulled down, and the twelve minutes or so of film actually shot by Mamoulian—whose final cost, one newspaper cruelly estimated, must have been in the region of a thousand pounds a foot—is all that survives. These photographs, taken shortly before the demolition of the set, record its sad splendours. The ‘Royal Calendar’ below was put up by the unit outside Elizabeth Taylor’s dressing-room; and will be set up again in California, or Italy, or wherever Alexandria is finally reconstructed.”

Photographs by Thomas Picton. Sight and Sound. Summer 1961.

even more modesty blaise

“Dirk Bogarde as arch criminal Gabriel, one of the ‘top people’ in his profession”

“Monica Vitti as Modesty Blaise—armed with a bow made out of Willie’s leather belt and an arrow which springs from her lip stick container”

“Willie is given a lactic dip by a group of veiled arab women”

“Stamp as Willie Garvin, about to enter a submarine device to steal a rich haul of diamonds from the hold of a British freighter”

“Rossella Falk, Monica Vitti, Terence Stamp and Dirk Bogarde”

from Films and Filming April 1966.

you’re rendering that scaffolding dangerous

Rendering that scaffolding dangerous at Woodstock. 1969.

blur play the singles

five pictures of bowie

Part Three: Bowie and Nick Roeg relax on the set of The Man Who Fell To Earth.

the decorative sex

Proto-skank Jean Harlow with headlights on. Iron Man. Browning. 1931.