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caruso as caruso

Mario Lanza as Enrico Caruso in The Great Caruso. Richard Thorpe. 1951.


Vampyr. Dreyer. 1932.

les enfants terribles

Jean-Pierre Melville. 1950.

festival time!

Renato Castellani.

Orson Welles and Mack Sennett!

William Holden during his press conference.

Dolores del Rio and Anatole Litvak.

“Gene and Mrs. Kelly (Betsy Blair) making a rather ‘Singing in the Rain’ entrance to the ‘American in Paris’ show.”

Cannes 1952 as reported in the July-September 1952 issue of Sight and Sound. Photos by Robert Hawkins.

sullivan’s travels: deleted dialogue

Here are two pages from Preston Sturges’s screenplay for Sullivan’s Travels, it includes several bits of dialogue that don’t appear in the finished film including mentions of Josef von Sternberg, Frank Capra, Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles.

night porter

Charlotte Rampling and Dirk Bogarde in Il portiere di notte. Liliana Cavani. 1974.


Sean Connery promotes Thunderball. Terence Young. 1965.

apples and oranges

I came across these stills from an “experimental” animated short by Saul Bass entitled Apples and Oranges. I had no idea this or any of the other five animated films he made existed and I can’t find much about them online.

Films and Filming. March 1964.

record labels

Elton John’s Greatest Hits. 1974.


Shell International Petroleum Company Limited. 1960-61.