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Buster Keaton and Frankie Avalon in Sergeant Dead Head. Norman Taurog. 1965.


Naming names.


dig the critics

Something called Disneyland After Dark really rubbed Films and Filming the wrong way. The “fun watching others having fun” bit really hits the nail on the head and the whole concept of going somewhere (namely, an amusement park) to Have Fun has always left me cold. Also, that “bizarre quartet of sub-teenagers” seem to be The Osmonds.

September 1962.

the night of the hunter

Lillian Gish in The Night of the Hunter. Charles Laughton. 1955.

f for fields

Fields with director Eddie Sutherland during the filming of Poppy. 1936.

record labels

Aaliyah. Aaliyah. 2001.

cute band alert

Guns N’ Roses on the corner of Sunset and LaBrea. 1985.

stahl directs

John Stahl directs The Child Thou Gavest Me. Cameraman Ernest Palmer cranks a Bell and Howell 2709—the stills camera registers his hand as a blur. 1921.

jagger in fitzcarraldo

Making Fitzcarraldo circa 1981.

a book by its cover

Klaus Kinski’s autobiography. 1996 edition.

1988 edition.

Have you read Kinski’s autobiography? The above covers aren’t much to look at but no design would be able to do the book’s contents justice. Kinski Uncut—the version that I have—is at once completely vile and completely fantastic. After a slow-ish start, it picks up steam as it becomes a formless catalog of the author’s sexual exploits some of which are completely fantastical. By the end, he manages to find true love and that is as creepy as his random sexual encounters.

Both of these editions are long out of print but it would be unfair of me to discuss this without giving you a taste of it so here are a few excerpts. I should warn you that if you’re not into smut or filth, you might want to skip the remainder of this post, but if you have even a passing interest in either, this should be gold to you. First up, a young Klaus shares an intimate moment with his older sister.

This one is a bit long but well worth your attention. The set up is simple: while in India to make some shitty movie, Kinski visits a “special” whore.

One more.