Monthly Archives: August 2010

a groovy, colorful design

cute band alert

Wings. 1974.

catching up with the chaplins

Oona reading on a sofa (that was in City Lights).

haven’t seen it

“Michael Margotta, Karen Black and director Jack Nicholson clown during a break in shooting on Drive He Said.”

Films and Filming. September 1971.

on your sleeve

Freak Scene. Dinosaur Jr. 1988.

lester directs

Dick Lester on the set of Help! 1965.

kurosawa sweeps

Akira Kurosawa sweeps his set.

put on your books

bruno s. is dead

Bruno S., star of Every Man For Himself and God Against Them All , has apparently died.

Photo: Sight and Sound. Spring 1975.

dig the critics

Sight and Sound. Summer 1971.

This is on DVD now?!