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warren directs

Elvis Presley and producer-director Charles Marquis Warren take a breather between ‘takes’ during shooting of Charro!”

Films and Filming. June 1969.

record labels

New York Dolls. 1973.

cute band alert

The Clash.

a book by its cover


Cathryn Harrison and Susannah York in Images. Altman. 1972.

cover art

who’s a man that we admire?

Silent film historian, preservationist, documentarian and now Academy Award honoree, Kevin Brownlow. I think it’s well-deserved.

After a preview of Unknown Chaplin at Thames TV. David Gill, Oona Chaplin, Rachel Ford, Kevin Brownlow, Geraldine Chaplin.

on your sleeve

Diana Ross. 1970.

Ross. 1978.

myra breckinridge

Rex Reed relaxes between takes with one of the film‘s able-bodied army of extras.

Playboy. August 1970.

festival time!

Jayne Mansfield at Cannes. 1958.