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casino royale

Ursula Andress, Casino‘s leading Bond-flick veteran (she was Dr. No’s sea siren, Honeychile Rider), plays wealthy former spy Vesper Lynd, who is talked into teaming up with Sir James and Mata Bond. “If Botticelli were alive today,” Woody claims, “he’d probably want to jump on Ursula like the rest of us.”

record labels

Son of Dracula soundtrack starring Harry Nilsson. 1974.

sousé directs

Egbert Sousé fills in for A. Pismo Clam. The Bank Dick. Edward F. Cline. 1940.


Academy Cinema screening Les Carabiniers. Autumn 1964.

myra breckinridge

A masseur (Charlene Jones) looks after Buck Loner, an erstwhile Western star in Myra Breckinridge. Michael Sarne. 1970.

cover art

festival time!

Jacques Tati and Alain Bécourt at the Cannes Film Festival. 1958.

cute band alert


dig the critics

Sight and Sound. Winter 1963/64.

vintage jam (5 on it edition)

I Got 5 On It. Luniz. 1995.