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Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. Todd Haynes. 1998.

queer requests

The Motion Picture. Volume IV. Number 10. October 1928.

a wedding

Viveca Lindfors, Nina Van Pallandt and Amy Stryker in A Wedding. Altman. 1978.

f for fields

W.C. and his first wife Hattie at the seashore. Circa 1901.

brownlow and gill direct

Kevin Brownlow and David Gill interview what was left of Gloria Swanson for Hollywood. 1980.

cover art

Winstanley. Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo. 1975.

Original caption.


Jane Fonda in Barbarella. Vadim. 1968.

haven’t seen it

Red Psalm. Miklós Jancsó. 1972.

I’ve seen this still in a couple of old magazines that I have. What the hell is going on here?

record labels

Bootleg soundtrack to the James Paul McCartney TV Special.


James Paul McCartney. Gary Smith. 1973.