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the decorative sex

Brigitte Bardot in Shalako. Edward Dmytryk. 1968.

L’Ours et la PoupĂ©e. Michel Deville. 1970.

on your sleeve

What a Shame Mary Jane Had a Pain at the Party. Beatles bootleg. 1979.

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cute couple alert

Frankie and Annette in Beach Party. Directed by William Asher, who died Monday at age 90. 1963.

the stickers on records

Experimental Remixes. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. 1995.

garbo flexes

Garbo and her personal trainer show off the results of their hard work.

festival time!

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jeanne Moreau at Cannes. 1960.



the swimmer

Burt Lancaster and Janice Rule in The Swimmer. Frank Perry. 1968.

a book by its cover

the new james bond

Films and Filming. November 1968.