Monthly Archives: September 2012

on your sleeve

Wedding Album. John Lennon and Yoko Ono. 1969.



the decorative sex

Olive Thomas, poisoned after drinking Jack Pickford‘s syphilis medication. What a way to go.

Thomas by Vargas. 1920.

the stickers on records

Parental advisory on Niggaz4Life. N.W.A. 1991.

Maxinquaye. Tricky. 1995.

Use Your Illusion I. Guns N’ Roses. 1991.


Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills in Avanti! Billy Wilder. 1972.

garbo and chaney

Mauritz Stiller (left) introduces Greta Garbo to Lon Chaney (wearing his make up for The Road to Mandalay).1926.


Fritz Lang. 1931.

cover art

pen to paper

Playboy. November 1976.

for your home movies

The Cine-Ansco and the Agfa Ansco.

Pamphlets for home movie equipment. 1920s.