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advice to the lovelorn

Lee Tracy — who ran into career trouble in late November 1933 when he supposedly pissed on a parade of military types while filming on location in Mexico City — in Advice to the Lovelorn. Alfred L. Werker. 1933.


Stepford Wives


times cinema

Times Cinema Baker Street London

Times Cinema on Baker Street in London showing a double bill revival of Un Chien Andalou and Häxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages. Circa 1968.

tower cinema

Tower Cinema, Hull

Marquee of yore #1: The D.W. Griffith-directed, Adolphe Menjou-starring film The Sorrows of Satan playing at Tower Cinema in Hull, England. Circa 1926.

les vampires

Irma Vep

Les Vampires. Louis Feuillade. 1915-16.

the sennett days

A Film Johnnie

Chaplin—on the ground near posters for Keystone and Mutual films—in A Film Johnnie. George Nichols. 1914.

dig the critics

spring 1978

Sight and Sound. Spring 1978.