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tower cinema

Tower Cinema, Hull

Marquee of yore #1: The D.W. Griffith-directed, Adolphe Menjou-starring film The Sorrows of Satan playing at Tower Cinema in Hull, England. Circa 1926.

les vampires

Irma Vep

Les Vampires. Louis Feuillade. 1915-16.

the sennett days

A Film Johnnie

Chaplin—on the ground near posters for Keystone and Mutual films—in A Film Johnnie. George Nichols. 1914.

dig the critics

spring 1978

Sight and Sound. Spring 1978.


Sunset BLVD

Billy Wilder. 1950.

godard directs

Jean-Luc Godard directs One Plus One. 1968.

on your sleeve

French Emotional Rescue

French Emotional Rescue. The Rolling Stones. 1980.

Emotional Rescue

last tango in paris

Last Tango

Brando broods in Last Tango in Paris. Bertolucci. 1972.

cover art

Spring 1963

Jeanne Moreau and Claude Mann in Bay of Angels. Jacques Demy. 1963.

cute couple alert

Bad Timing

Art Garfunkel and Theresa Russell in Bad Timing. Nicolas Roeg. 1980.