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Alfredo Garcia

Sam Peckinpah. 1974.


cute couple alert

Cassie and Dave

David and Cassie Berman.

rescued from an eagle’s nest

Rescued from an Eagle's Nest

Rescued from an Eagle’s Nest. J. Searle Dawley. 1908.

the devil’s weed

The Devil's Weed

Sight and Sound. April – June 1952.

cover art

Autumn 1985

Jinpachi Nezu in Ran. Kurosawa. 1985.

on your sleeve

You Don't Own Me

Japanese picture sleeve for You Don’t Own Me (and It’s My Party). Lesley Gore, who died today at age 68.

singing in the rain

Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain

Sight and Sound. January – March 1952.

Singin' in the Rain