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what’s wrong with being sexy?

Scorpions. Lovedrive. 1979.

what’s wrong with being sexy?

Can you believe this fucking cover? I’ve don’t own nor have I heard this album so I’ll let this guy tell you what it’s like (I found his blog while looking for info on this record and while I’ve yet to read much of it, it seems like a good idea). But look at that fucking cover: Some random seventies rock and roll dude being stalked by two teen-aged cheerleaders one of whom looks nearly feral.

This record mustn’t have been too much of an obscurity upon its release as it was produced by Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks and Egan’s follow-up LP scored a decent-sized hit with Magnet and Steel. If while looking at this cover you wondered what was going to happen next between Walter Egan and the two cheerleaders, the back cover tells the tale:



Clint Eastwood modeling sweaters for Playboy.

what’s wrong with being sexy?

Billy Idol

January 1985.

what’s wrong with being sexy?

animal scorpions

fellini vs feminists

what’s wrong with being sexy?

warrant cherry pie

Hair metal also-rans Warrant know how to treat a lady.


Update: I forgot I had found this picture too. It’s pretty unfortunate. I sort of like how at least the two suits/management types are at least somewhat half-hearted in doing whatever it is that one calls that gesture. Someone must have forgotten to tell that guy in the front.

what’s wrong with being sexy?


God, I hate Kiss.

what’s wrong with being sexy?

pressure drop

This will probably be the first of a series–sort of an extention of the magazine cover art series but this one will feature record covers (or photos–I have a pretty awful one of Kiss that I can use in the future) of rock/pop stars being, um, sexy. I think that this will serve as a pretty classy first installment. While investigating this record, the cover of which I have admired for ages in the used bin of a local record store, I discovered that the title track is in fact a (forgettable) cover of the Maytals song.