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catching up with the chaplins

Lita Grey

Chas with his future wife, twelve-year-oldĀ Lita Grey, on the set of The Kid. 1921.


catching up with the chaplins

Autumn 1957

I’m not sure what took me so long to get to this one. Here’s a pretty great interview with Chas and review of King in New York. Sight and Sound. Autumn 1957.

Chaplin 2

Chaplin 3

Chaplin 4

catching up with the chaplins

Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan visits Chas (and hits him up for money) on the set of Modern Times. 1936.

catching up with the chaplins

fancy sling

Chas — his fancy sling a result of an injury incurred on the set of Modern Times — with H.G. Wells and boxer Gene Tunney on the occasion of Wells’ visit to Hollywood. December 2, 1935.

catching up with the chaplins


Chas (center, in clown-like makeup) played a plumber’s assistant in popular author and playwright Wal Pink‘s comedy sketch Repairs. That’s half-brother Syd on top of the ladder. 1906.

catching up with the chaplins

Chaplin, Huston

Chas with John Huston during the production of A Countess from Hong Kong. 1967.

I read this morning that Chaplin would have been Chaplin’s 125th birthday had he somehow achieved immortality. Imagine how grouchy he’d have been if he lived!

catching up with the chaplins

Pay Day

Chas catches up on his reading in between takes of Pay Day. 1922.