la chinoise

Anne Wiazemsky in La Chinoise. Jean-Luc Godard. 1967.

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Talking Heads Naked

Naked. Talking Heads. 1988.

Rediscovered this album last night. Lack of synthesizers and drum machines aside, this might be one of the most ’80s albums out there. The rich rock star discovers “World Music” is a minor 1980s music trope and a lot of the lyrical content locks this stuff in the 1987/8 time frame. Why this wasn’t a David Byrne solo album is beyond me. I bet the other three Talking Heads were thrilled about the band’s new direction. I recall that CD/cassette copies of this got a bonus track. A marketing ploy that was reversed within 5 years.





cover art

July 1975


festival time!


Hitchcock and Tippi Hedron promoting The Birds at Cannes. 1963.

haven’t seen it

Kid Blue 4

Here’s a weird Dennis Hopper vehicle called Kid Blue that time seems to have forgotten. I’ll let the plot summary from Films and Filming do the explaining:

Kid Blue 5

Kid Blue 3

Hopper and Warren Oates.

Kid Blue 2

Original caption: “Preacher Bob (Peter Boyle) shows Bick how an aerocycle works”

Kid Blue 6

Boyle shouting.

Kid Blue 7


Kid Blue 8

Hopper and Oates.

Kid Blue 9

Janice Rule and Hopper.

Kid Blue 10

Jay Varela, Hopper and José Torvay.

f for orson


Tim Holt and Agnes Moorehead in The Magnificent Ambersons. Welles. 1942.