pen to paper

Spring 1959

Sight and Sound. Spring 1959.

tabloid tuesday

May 1963

May 1963.

f for orson

Paul Masson

Orson in one of his most famous roles. 1980.

on your sleeve


Everybody. Madonna. 1982.


More To Come.

who’s a man that we admire?

David Letterman

The Game Changer is exiting the stage tonight, the greatest comedy talk show host of all time and the last true broadcaster television will likely ever know. I haven’t watched his show much in the past 20 years but his NBC show probably did more to shape my sense of humor and outlook on the world than anything else. My hero, David Letterman.

Ok, back on vacation.

Color bars

Personal note: I’m on vacation. Flip through the archive until I get back.

pen to paper

Spring 1958

Sight and Sound. Spring 1958.

cover art

Winter 1956-57

Cameraman filming Merry Go-Round. Zoltán Fábri. 1956.

the canary murder case

the canary murder case

Louise Brooks in The Canary Murder Case. Malcolm St. Clair. 1929.