Monthly Archives: December 2008

cute band alert

Martha and the Vandellas.

bonus heatwaves!

santa claus

Nicholas Ray in Santa Claus costume.

vintage jam (manufactured imposter edition)

Acts like Massive Attack and Portishead at one time had a lot to answer for. While they were between LPs, a batch of imitators were ready to stand in for them. This was at a time when the American music industry was trying to convince a mostly uninterested public that “electronica” was the next big thing. That never happened but a few of these trip hop and drum and bass acts made it big-ish for a few months circa 1997. With a terrible name like The Sneaker Pimps, a lack of career longevity should be expected. They made a minor splash though with this song.

nine seven shit

who’s a man that we admire

Because I noticed the other day that my local Hollywood Video for some reason has two copies of Buffalo Bill and the Indians: filmmaker, director of both Lillian Gish and Lindsay Lohan and a man who thought nothing of skinning up in front of a world leader, Robert Altman.

the decorative sex

The Tenant

Isabelle Adjani in the Tenant.

the big scene

And in her big scene with Klaus Kinski in Nosferatu.

apple promo

UPDATE: Weird. Magic Alex was in the news yesterday.