vintage jam (one hit (and it isn’t this one) wonder edition)


I think I was only slightly aware of The Verve’s existence before they scored a near top ten hit in the States with Bittersweet Symphony. I dug that song and I bought the album, Urban Hymns, assuming that there would be songs similar to Bittersweet Symphony on it. There weren’t. Instead there were a handful of decent ballads and a handful of shitty mid tempo rock numbers. It was pretty average stuff.

Seeing as how the album sold over one million copies in the United States alone, I doubt I was the only one disappointed by the lack of more bittersweet symphonies on it. I for some reason seem to recall subsequently owning their first LP too. Maybe I thought that there was a Bittersweet Symphony-a-like on that. There wasn’t. If I recall correctly (and I don’t even care if I am correct here or not) that one featured almost jammy mid tempo rockers.

From what I understand, the band put out a reunion LP last summer. I doubt that has the follow up to Bittersweet Symphony that I was looking for and I don’t even really care about Bittersweet Symphony anymore anyway.

There was a diamond in the rough on the otherwise tedious second half of Urban Hymns, the song Lucky Man. This one actually charted in the States and I think that it got some play on MTV. Play it loud. It’s hot stuff.

nine seven shit

Oh, and I should mention that I thought that The Drugs Don’t Work and Sonnet were pretty decent songs as well, and that I think that Ashcroft looks every inch the rock star (see photo above).


4 responses to “vintage jam (one hit (and it isn’t this one) wonder edition)

  1. They had a brief hit over the summer called “Love is Noise” that I liked for like, a minute. It was all over Sirius radio, and it got pretty annoying real fast.

  2. Crap! Really crappy “review” of one of the best albums of all time, by one of the best bands of the last thirty years, and definitely the most underrated band of all time.
    If you are looking for hits, why don’t you listen to Madonna or Justin Timberlake? But the truth is that “Urban Hymns” is full of “hits”, and most of the songs are similar to Bittersweet Symphony in production and sound.

    Being said that, I have to tell you that “Urban Hymns” is probably the “worst” album by The Verve. You should check 1993’s “A Storm in Heaven” or “The Verve” (1992), or “A Northern Soul” (1995), and then we will see if you are capable of write shite like this.

  3. You’re a twat.

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