cute couple alert

Elvis Costello and Bebe Buell. (careful with that link, it’s nsfw)

She said: “He was my Clark Gable.”

He said: “At best we were strangers with a coy and theoretical entanglement…However, she turned up with eight pieces of luggage like a mail-order bride…and I was too stupid and vain to resist. She’d later claimed to have inspired most of the songs on [Armed Forces]-all of which were already written when we met…It is a tragic delusion about which I could say: ‘I shall not dignify that with a response’ but ‘dignity’ doesn’t come into this story.”

God, that Elvis has a way with words.

18 responses to “cute couple alert

  1. chainedandperfumed

    I think I was at that show that I linked to. Ted, can you verify that?

  2. yes. that’s the one.

  3. chainedandperfumed

    He played Party Girl? That’s what’s up.

  4. That is just mean. It is very easy for a man to say crap like that now isn’t it!
    Considering that photo was taken at Bebe Buell’s family home in Maine!! Yes, I saw that in her book.
    He obviously loved her.
    She has also stated that she does not think the songs on Armed Forces are about her. Her exact words are “that is not possible as I didn’t even meet him until June of 1978- we were living together by Aug.. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t travel with more than one case so I don’t know who the hell he is talking about. I guess I wasn’t the only flame in town after all!”

  5. chainedandperfumed

    I didn’t know she responded to this. Interesting.

  6. Yes, she did. VERY much in public in Rolling Stone Magazine back when the re-issue came out. I’m not sure of the exact date but I do remember who was on the cover. Jessica Simpson and she was pushing a vaccum cleaner??
    It is obvious Costello wrote songs about Bebe Buell. But it didn’t start until Get Happy.
    The fact that he would even say something so strange proves he did.
    He would say nothing if in fact he wasn’t somehow wounded by their relationship which lasted on and off for years- 1978-1984.
    I don’t believe him.
    Also, that was removed from later versions of the re-issue.
    I’m a huge Costello fan and I thank Bebe Buell for exisiting. Without her there would have been no “Human Hands” or “I Want You”.

  7. chainedandperfumed

    That was removed? I didn’t know that either. I wonder whose decision that was–Elvis or Rhino’s.

  8. Probably both because it simply was not true. Because he was so vague people assumed he was refering to Bebe. You don’t continue having an affair with someone for several more years if you feel that way.
    If it were true and for sure about Bebe he would have said so.

  9. Oh, and lets not forget that Bebe Buell was also a Rhino Records artist. Her first record in 1981 came out on Rhino- “Covers Girl”. Not cover girl- COVERS.
    The CARS were her band on that one.
    I’m sure it made Rhino feel uncomfortable.
    With all the reissues- so many of them. Too many really. He changes his story on each one, lol.
    I don’t take his word anymore on what they songs are about.

  10. chainedandperfumed

    Yeah, at this point I’ve hear him tell twenty different versions of who exactly Alison was.

  11. LOL! I know. Twenty different versions of all of his songs depending on what mood he’s in or how mad he is at his subjects.
    But as Bebe Buell has said in the Rolling Stone article, they ARE HIS songs and he is free to do whatever he wishes with them.
    I think his fans can figure out what is what. It really isn’t that difficult.
    Hey, chainedandperfumed, one of my post did a “double”- the second is right. The first one had a error so can you get rid of it?

  12. chainedandperfumed

    I deleted one but it might have been the wrong one! Sorry if it was.

  13. Bebe Buell is amazing, I do adore her 🙂

  14. Hey, owner of this website… please be aware that it is Bebe herself writing these comments. Don’t believe them. Just search for Brice O Rielly and you’ll see he only goes online to defend Bebe. He doesn’t exist.

  15. chainedandperfumed

    That’s cool.

  16. That’s how desperate she is. She’s a schizo that one.

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