on this day in lohan history

lohan accepts

The title of this post should actually read “yesterday in lohan history”. I missed this then but it’s a pretty good one and I haven’t done one of these Lohan posts in a while. So three years ago yesterday, then, photos emerged from Lindsay’s appearance on the previous night’s Nickelodeon 2006 Kids’ Choice Awards where she accepted perhaps the highest honor bestowed on her during her entire career. Linds beat out the likes of Drew Barrymore (in Fever Pitch), Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) and Dakota Fanning (in something called Dreamer) to win the award for Favorite Movie Actress! She won for her performance in Herbie Fully Loaded, the first in a what would eventually become a pile-up of box office disappointments. The production of this film also led to the souring of the relationship between Linds and Disney.

Check this clip of Linds’s acceptance. It involves a screaming Bruce Willis, Avril Lavigne, two static nerds (probably contest winners) and a contortionist. What one can’t notice from watching the video is that it took place during that time when it was a trend for desperate starlets to not wear underwear! The Kids’ Choice Awards hardly seems like an appropriate forum for that particular brand of attention-seeking but obviously, you can’t tell that to Lindsay! Kids rule!
lohan at kid's choice awards 2006

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