live europaturnén mcmxcvii 2

live in Köln

In case you missed this live Pavement LP sold on Record Store Day, I got you. And here‘s the one that came with last year’s pre-order.

live europaturnen mcmxcvii

4 responses to “live europaturnén mcmxcvii 2

  1. thanks!


  3. Hi and thank you so much for these! I needed to replace these after losing a lot of music. I tried to download the orange record store day lp but track 1 in the Sida Ett folder “Father To Sister Thought” came up corrupt when I tried to extract. I am sorry for the trouble in asking but could you reup that track or the whole thing again? Thank you again!

    • chainedandperfumed

      Hm. I wonder how long that’s been like that (I might have uploaded it incorrectly in the first place.) I’ll see if I can find the files and repair it. thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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