gimme shelter

“Brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters, why are we fighting?”

Gimme Shelter. 1970. David Maysles, Albert Maysles and Charlotte Zwerin.

“Altmont was the culmination of a long series of bad trips in the Rock world and its perhaps perfect matching of the most sinister figures in American and British Pop cultures, The Hell’s Angels and the Rolling Stones is one of those master strokes of history beyond the invention of any fiction writer or film-maker…Bravo, you measly brothers! You’ve captured on film the epic of a self-destructive generation.”
Albert Goldman, The New York Times

2 responses to “gimme shelter

  1. LMAO! The phots are so much better than the film – i remember all the hot little hands it used to trade through (once upon a time) and watching onscree the real and genuine haze of murky brown that screamed Yes, it’s Let it Be-o-Vision.
    And now it’s been released and (drum roll) it’s still horrible. Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones it aint. Hell, it aint even Cocksucker Blues.

    *cue Jagger whining pathetically*

    Great pics though, always. It’s like the 76 tour where Jagger doesn’t sing but knows EXACTLY where the cameras are and *pop flash!* Iconic images abound. His ability to leap into a space or twist around at just the time was truly uncanny.

  2. apologies for the typos. sigh.

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