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life or death

ben franklin

The inventor of the swimfin.

Death mask of Ben Franklin.


a patchwork of flesh

Now usually I don’t do this, but here’s a pretty groovy site that I’d like to call to your attention. It’s called A Patchwork of Flesh and encourages readers to create Frankenstein’s Monster-related artwork and send them in. Once received, the Frankenstein creations are posted on the site. Brilliant!

I might break out some markers or some shit to make a Frankenstein this weekend. If the results are not terrible I’ll post them here before mailing them to Patchwork of Flesh headquarters. Watch this space—maybe.

As long as I’m namechecking sites that I dig, I’d be remiss to not mention Popcorn and Sticky Floors who were kind enough to add me to their roll and while doing so give me a far-too-kind write up. They do good things so check them out.

stolen kisses

On the set of Baisers volés: Truffaut, Léaud, Langlois.

desert island

desert island filmsdesert islandGish LoseyO'Toole

They must have just been being polite. There is no Keaton film called The Baseball Player.



cover art

lubitsch directs

Ernst Lubitsch, Mary Pickford and cameraman Charles Rosher on the set of Rosita (1923).

Pickford: “Oh, I detested that picture! I disliked the director, Ernst Lubitsch, as much as he disliked me…it was a very unhappy and very costly experience.”

years after the event (john and yoko december 1970)

December Image

Now you know how many holes it takes. Albert Hall Archemical Wedding bag performance by John and Yoko.


December detail

I’ve got nothing as far as non-Anthology “A Day in the Life” outtakes. Here, somewhat randomly, are two great takes of “Remember” instead.