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desert island

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They must have just been being polite. There is no Keaton film called The Baseball Player.



cover art

lubitsch directs

Ernst Lubitsch, Mary Pickford and cameraman Charles Rosher on the set of Rosita (1923).

Pickford: “Oh, I detested that picture! I disliked the director, Ernst Lubitsch, as much as he disliked me…it was a very unhappy and very costly experience.”

years after the event (john and yoko december 1970)

December Image

Now you know how many holes it takes. Albert Hall Archemical Wedding bag performance by John and Yoko.


December detail

I’ve got nothing as far as non-Anthology “A Day in the Life” outtakes. Here, somewhat randomly, are two great takes of “Remember” instead.

sunset blvd

Sight and Sound. March 1950.

f for fields

Fields the tourist. Paris, circa 1909-11.

Rue Lafayette.

Horse-drawn double-decker trolley on the Boulevard des Italiens, passing the Folies Bergère where Fields was starring.

vintage jam (this is hardcore edition)

Because I finally got the LP reissue of This is Hardcore in the mail today,–you know, the one that I ordered in February (thanks Plain Recordings, you really dropped the ball on this one)—here‘s the video for Pulp’s This is Hardcore. In my opinion, this is pretty much the best pop video out there. And seeing as how the video embedding is “disabled by request” (thanks a lot Island records, very forward-thinking of you), I’ve substitued the video with a bunch of “outakes” from the LP’s sleeve. These (poorly scanned by me–someone repaired for me the Ed McMullin style staples-in-center one—thanks, dude) pics were included in the booklet that came with the reissue of the CD a few years ago. So, yes, I’ve bought this record (or received it as a gift) at least three times.


Bing Crosby records. 1962.

cute couple alert

Lotte Eisner with the Robot Maria at the museum of the Cinémathèque Française. Circa 1979.

The only other picture of Eisner that I could find is this bonus couple: Lotte Eisner and Werner Herzog.

Eisner Herzog

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