vintage jam (this is hardcore edition)

Because I finally got the LP reissue of This is Hardcore in the mail today,–you know, the one that I ordered in February (thanks Plain Recordings, you really dropped the ball on this one)—here‘s the video for Pulp’s This is Hardcore. In my opinion, this is pretty much the best pop video out there. And seeing as how the video embedding is “disabled by request” (thanks a lot Island records, very forward-thinking of you), I’ve substitued the video with a bunch of “outakes” from the LP’s sleeve. These (poorly scanned by me–someone repaired for me the Ed McMullin style staples-in-center one—thanks, dude) pics were included in the booklet that came with the reissue of the CD a few years ago. So, yes, I’ve bought this record (or received it as a gift) at least three times.

One response to “vintage jam (this is hardcore edition)

  1. girlwithamoped

    that goes in there. and then it’s over.

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