meat rack

I found this newspaper clipping stuck in the pages of the April 1970 issue of Films and Filming. While this is not the coolest thing that I’ve ever had fall out of a used book or magazine, it is definitely the gayest. Enjoy.

9 responses to “meat rack

  1. That’s terrific! I want to see that film!

  2. Hi! are you sure that isn’t my MEAT/RACK ad? i have been copying this movie ad for years. i have photocopies from the N.Y Times and other newspapers from march 20,1970 which is when it was released at the 55th playhouse in New York. it is so amazing that my MEAT/RACK movie ad was cut out by someone other than me! i’ve been looking and asking about the 1-sheet movie poster for the past 14 years. does anyone seen the poster? i would love to buy this original ad as well if owner is interested.

    • chainedandperfumed

      Man, that is so, so weird. Completely insane, really. No. The original is most certainly in my possession. I own hundreds of old movie magazines and occasionally there will be clippings (sometimes pornographic in nature) or writing inside of them. This one happened to have the MEAT/RACK ad in it. I might be willing to part with it. Let me fish it out and think about it. If you don’t hear from me in a week’s time, message me again.

  3. Hi again. I was wondering if you had been able to find the MEAT/RACK ad? You suggested messaging you again within a week or two.

    • chainedandperfumed

      Oh shit! I forgot. I’m on it right now—check your email.

      • Hi dude. you gave me the MEAT/RACK ad awhile ago. i sent you some money(hope you got it)but would like to send you alittle more.(can i have your address again? thanks, scott

      • chainedandperfumed

        Totally not necessary! Just enjoy the meat rack!!

  4. Thanks Michael. I framed the MEAT/RACK ad in a clear glass frame surrounded by purple marbles. You’re the best!

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