more french apples

German All Together Now

I spend my days looking at Apple Records releases from around the world so you don’t have to! Most of these are French unless otherwise noted. But we’ll begin above in Germany where “All Together Now” was released as a single (news to me). Below, we have a few Lennons. None of them are all that though I recently found out that the picture that adorns this “Be-Bop-A-Lula” single (and the Rock and Roll LP) was found by May Pang at the first Beatlesfest. As usual, all of these images are from ebay.

French Be-Bop-A-LuLa

French Whatever Gets

Here are two French Wings singles. “Junior’s Farm” and the elusive (or, more accurately, always overpriced) “Hi Hi Hi” picture sleeve featuring the band in some seriously great outfits.

Junior's Farm France

hi hi hi France

“Hi Hi Hi” in Portugal:

hi hi hi portugal

My most recent obsession has been with these awesome looking “Eat at Home” singles. I’ll have to pick up a few eventually. The cover art on some of them feature the same picture as the “Another Day” single which I went on about a while back.

Spain (not on Apple!):

Eat at Home Spain

Italy has the best one:

Eat at Home Italy


Eat at Home Germany

I don’t remember where this one is from but the orange Apple works (probably Stateside):

Eat At Home

Speaking of Ram, I think one of the Beatles photo blogs posted this a few weeks ago but I can’t quite remember which one. I have no idea if it is a legitimate ad or not. If it is, it’s great. If it’s some fan designed thing it is horribly lame.

ram ad

All hail the brilliant French “Something” single! Pretty mind-blowing stuff here.

French Something

Plastic Ono Band’s “Mother.” Sharp picture:

French Mother

A French “Hey Jude” similar to the French sleeves I posted last time I did something like this:

French Hey Jude

Did Ringo lose a bet (in France)?

French It Don't Come Easy

This Billy Preston cover is pretty exciting:

Billy Preston France

Yoko repeats herself:

French Yoko

A pretty great “Mind Games”:

French Mind Games

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