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Thanks to the recent DVD release of Jean Luc Godard’s bra-fixated Une femme mariée, I was able to fill a pretty crucial gap in my early Godard last night. And goddamn he could seemingly do no wrong in 1964. As usual, the bare bones Koch Lorber DVD edition left a lot to be desired but I’m happy just to have seen it and while googling today, I realized that Masters of Cinema recently released it—I guess that goes to show how often I check their website or feel the need to as it seems to me that updates on it are few and far between. I might have to invest in the MOC DVD. Above we have Macha Méril, the film’s star. What a fox. I know that she and this film are featured heavily in 1964/5 issues of Sight and Sound. I’ll dig through them and see what I can come up with. Expect another post on this flick.

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