not exactly doris day


The Lennons, quite famously, for a week in 1972 took over the Mike Douglas Show acting as talent bookers and cohosts. This gave John endless opportunities to chain-smoke and not allow Yoko a word in edgeways and allowed Yoko to come off generally (from what I’ve seen) as a patient, intelligent and borderline likable individual. Here we have something special indeed: footage of Mike, John and Yoko interviewing lady-filmmaker Barbara Loden about her then recently-released masterpiece, Wanda. Of special interest to me, for obvious reasons, is the clip of Wanda that is aired about ten minutes in. I’m either an idiot (which is very, very likely) or wordpress doesn’t allow dailymotion embedding so you’ll have to click the top pic to watch the video. Taped in New York City on February 1st 1972. Aired February fifteenth 1972.

John Lennon

Mike Douglas


always bumming around, drinkin'

the Lennons approve

Plastic Loden

2 responses to “not exactly doris day

  1. You’re right about Wanda but wrong about Yoko; Plastic Ono Band, Fly, Aproximately Infinite Universe and A Story are bloody brilliant – and a lot of her art and writigns are too.

    And i’ll leave your comment box alone now, thanks for the many, many great posts here.


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