rock and roll circus

I watched the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus the other night. It was pretty good with the Stones’ performance being the one I’d say I dug the most. The real treat for me was on the DVD’s extras, commentary by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg. After spending last summer listening to the dozens of hours of audio of the fabs’ Let It Be sessions, which heavily feature Lindsay-Hogg who directed the film (see “critics” post below), it was great hearing that guy’s voice again. His Rock and Roll Circus commentary had to be recorded thirty years after the event but his winning mix of pretentiousness, name dropping (often unfamiliar name dropping), charm, cluelessness and a least one instance of his habit of referring to people by their initials, remained intact. Below is a screen grab of M.L-H. taken from the Let It Be film. Below that is a Stones performance from the film.

Stay tuned for more on Brian Jones and the fabs.

One response to “rock and roll circus

  1. when that manipulator Klein died recently, all the coverage I read, revealed that he was the cause of the long delay in the release of the Circus film (post at my blog with link to whichever thing I read).

    Brian Jones WAS The Rolling Stones and I believe he had a mental condition which could have been treated if only it had been diagnosed.
    The book (and film) on his murder is very sad to read.

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