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casino royale


the smirnoff brunch


f for falstaff


Chimes at Midnight. Welles. 1965.

vintage jam (in my head all day long edition)

I woke up with this in my head yesterday and it stayed there all day. Nine Three shit.

the servant

James Fox. The Servant. Losey. 1963.

peckinpah directs

Peckinpah directs

Sam Peckinpah and Ilesa Vega filming Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia. 1974.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Kris Kristofferson, Isela Vega and Warren Oates.

I bought a handful of 1960s and early 70s issues of Playboy from some creep at the flea fair last weekend. All expectations were surpassed: these things are a goldmine filled with mindblowing ads, a lot of reports on movies and tons of articles on Elliott Gould. And, of course, the occasional busty babe. Fear not: I’m not going soft core or anything but images from these mags are going into the mix. Here's the first post culled from the pile.

paul on ram

Paul in NYC

Paul on Ram

Ram on


on drums

Paul in Ny

Paul, Denny

McCartney records Ram. New York City. January through March 1971. (Including some pretty poor quality fan photos.)

sheet music

Getting Better

western communism

Macca’s image used to sell subscriptions to a magazine called Careers Today. 1968.

dig the critics

Yellow Submarine

Hard Day's Night

Sight and Sound. Autumn 1964.


Sight and Sound. Autumn 1965.

Yellow Submarine

Sight and Sound. Autumn 1968.

Odd that they embraced Help! as much as they did. I tried to watch that again a year or so ago—I hadn’t seen it in ages—and thought it was pretty awful. Then again, this magazine embraced a lot of awful things over the years.