dig the critics

The Long Goodbye

Autumn 1973

Sight and Sound. Autumn 1973.

The Long Goodbye

Sterling Hayden, Nina Van Pallandt and Elliott Gould.


Elliott Gould in The Long Goodbye. Altman. 1973.

2 responses to “dig the critics

  1. Need to rent Altman’s take on Chandler’s Long Goodbye. I am one who thinks Ho-wood has botched Ray Chandler ‘s books , consistently, starting with the Big Sleep–it looks and sounds good, but Hawks, or whoever (Faulkner??) hacked up the plot and scenes.

    Actually Mitchum in Farewell my Lovely was pretty good. Don’t recall who directed. The Velma scary enough.

    Id like to see film (would be a shortie) of Red Wind—

    Ellroy has a Chandler vibe, though quite a bit raunchier.

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