the sennett days

Ben Turpin in A Clever Dummy. Hartman. Kerr. 1917.

5 responses to “the sennett days

  1. Hi Mike, and thanks for posting this photo of my hero and the greatest cross-eyed comic in the world. What is your source for this photo? It is indeed a pose from “A Clever Dummy” with Ben, Claire Anderson & James Delano. Here’s a link to my flickr gallery:

    SteveR, Philadelphia

    • chainedandperfumed

      I found the pic in a 1980s issue of Films and Filming—I’m not sure which one—it accompanied an article on Sennett. The promotional slides on your flickr are pretty great. Thanks for looking.

  2. Thanks Mike and Happy New Year!


  3. I think I have this video on a low-priced DVD distributed by Alpha Video called “The Turpinator”. Funny stuff!

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