1930s autographs


I can’t recall how I ended up on a vintage autograph collector/dealer’s site but ended up there I did. What we have here are a handful of pages from an autograph book complied during the 1920s and 30s by a Harold Shell, an autograph hound and president of the Helen Mack fan club. He ended up with a pretty nice pile of signatures. Check this site for more. There’s a Houdini on there too.

Colleen Moore, Betty Compson

Lilyan Tashman

Norma/Constance Talmadge


Thelma Todd

Jean Harlow

3 responses to “1930s autographs

  1. wouldn’t you just kill to own one of these albums?

  2. Well it proves one thing:

    That hottay Jean Harlow could at least write

  3. Thanks for sharing. Some big names there from the distant past……

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