bay of angels

Bay of Angels

Bay of Angels

La baie des anges. Demy. 1963.

5 responses to “bay of angels

  1. Where did you find these?

    • chainedandperfumed

      Back issues of magazines (Sight and Sound; Films and Filming) from the time of the film’s release.

      • Was there a specific article on the film itself? I’m looking for details on the film’s budget, lighting and so on. If you can recommend anything it would be great to know. I hadn’t seen these pictures before – thanks.

      • chainedandperfumed

        There were several articles over the years. Probably something about Demy and a review or 2. I can’t really recall totally. Sight and Sound have introduced an iPad app that allows subscribers access to their entire archive going back to the 1930s. I haven’t seen it yet (I don’t have an iPad so it’s of no use to me) but I’d imagine it’s searchable unlike the pile of 100s of movie magazine backissues I have.

  2. Hi, where did you find these?

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