3 responses to “advertising

  1. I wish I could see The Magic Christian again. The only part I can now recall is a scene with thousands of banknotes in a huge vat of mud (or something worse).

    Congratulations on the premiere Bonne Anniversaire of this blog.

  2. chainedandperfumed

    Oh, thanks. I’ll try to keep going for another year!

    I saw Magic Christian not so long ago and it left very little impression on me. I can barely remember it at all.

  3. The Magic Christian flick was botched. The movie (which I saw years ago, and barely remember) has little to do with Terry Southern’s great beat-satire. Sellars may have been a gifted comic actor, but eh…..tooo British or something. Southern’s book was quite political, not just zany—Guy Grand’s a rotund yankee capitalist—-JPMorgan meets PT Barnum—………

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