cute couple alert

Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) and Fabienne Tabard (Delphine Seyrig) in Baisers volés. Truffaut. 1968.

8 responses to “cute couple alert

  1. ilestcinqheures

    Great picture.
    Check this one on my flickr page. Seyrig is fascinating !

  2. chainedandperfumed

    Damn that’s great. I think that Stolen Kisses might be my favorite movie ever. I tried to locate that shoe store while in Paris once but it’s gone. I did find a handful of things though:

    Note that my screen grabs are photos taken off of my television.

  3. I’ve got one information that may interest you : THE shoe store still exist !
    Actually, I spent one afternoon with Eva, the daughter of Truffaut at her place in Paris a few monthes ago (we’ve got several friends in common).
    While we where chatting, I told her that Stolen Kisses was my favorite Truffaut’s movie (I even use to wear the same grey coat and the same scotish tie than Léaud !). She told me that it was her favorite too. And she added : “by the way, the shoe store still exist, it’s a few blocks away from here !”.
    Eva is a very nice person. She offered me the 45rpm soundtracks of L’Argent de Poche. And she’s a huge fan of the Beatles, like both of us !

  4. chainedandperfumed

    That is indeed very interesting. I’ll have to go through some photos that I have and post them. I found what I thought was the store but the handles on the door didn’t quite match. It was sort of late and the store was closed so I couldn’t quite judge whether the interior was the same.

    I heard somewhere from someone (online probably) that the store was in fact closed but apparently that is not true! Cool.

  5. By the way, two years ago, I saw Antoine Duhamel playing the Stolen Kisses score live in a parisian theatre in the opening of this movie. Duhamel is above 80 years old and he’s quite funny man. If the scores composed by Delerue are wonderful (Soft Skin is my favorite), Duhamel’s scores are more inventive and acrobatic. Don’t you think so ?

  6. This is a first hand information ! She still buy her shoes there !

  7. chainedandperfumed

    I agree with you regarding Duhamel’s scores. I love the theme to Stolen Kisses.

  8. ilestcinqheures

    Hi, I took your picture of Delphine Seyrig and JP Léaud for my last post about the 20th anniversery of Seyrig death.
    You will find some tracks from Stolen Kisses.

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