breaking news

I try not to comment too often on current events here but, today, as has been widely reported, the unimaginable has happened: it’s been announced that the forthcoming “We Are the World” reboot will feature both Lil Wayne and (probably less predominantly) The Beach Boys’s Al Jardine.

If Jardine is not edit out of the final product, “We Are the World” will somehow (but just barely) marry the talents of the guy who sang “Honkin’ Down the Highway” with the guy who appeared on releases as questionable as the ones pictured below. God, I hope Jardine and Weezy hit it off.

2 responses to “breaking news

  1. ilestcinqheures

    I heard on the radio Jeff Bridges saying that he was next to Brian Wilson during the recording of this song. So Brian was there too !

  2. chainedandperfumed

    They’ll all be sending their love down the well:

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