naming names

Sterling Hayden testifying before the Un-American Activities Committee. Joining the Communist Party, he said, “was the stupidest, most ignorant thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Jack L. Warner, executive producer of Warner Brothers, giving evidence at the 1947 hearings.

Nine of the “Hollywood Ten”, photographed at the time of their surrender to the court. Left to right: Adrian Scott, Edward Dmytryk, Samuel Ornitz, Lester Cole, Herbert Biberman, Albert Maltz, Alvah Bessie, John Howard Lawson, Ring Lardner Jr.

1950: Dalton Trumbo and John Howard Lawson, two of the Hollywood Ten, leaving a New York station.

Hollywood delegation arriving in Washington to observe the 1947 hearings of the House Committee. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall lead the marchers; behind them (left to right): Larry Adler, Richard Conte, Paul Henreid, June Havoc, Danny Kaye.

One response to “naming names

  1. how did they phrase it so aptly on m*a*s*h? you can either hang yourself or hang your friends.

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