paul on ram

Bottom image credit.

4 responses to “paul on ram

  1. i’m reblogging this in some form.

  2. chainedandperfumed

    Hey, Adam! Reblog away!

  3. Hi man, please explain us what this cover art of RAM mean, is a cover or a poster? This is different of my vinyl copy. And the picture of Paul with the goat are very cruel, I never imagined Paul make something like that because he is vegetarian and a member of PETA, you known.

    Best wishes from Venezuela, and sorry for my english!

  4. chainedandperfumed

    Your English is fine.

    Except the one that says LILY, these aren’t the cover of Ram. They are photos taken around the same time as the Ram LP 1971.

    I can’t really explain the bottom photo except that it’s Paul throwing a goat. This would have been a year or so before he went vegetarian and many years before his association with PETA.

    I hope this helps.

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