cute band alert

The 1970 line up of The Grateful Dead.

Six months ago, if you told me that I’d be a Dead fan on any level, I’d have thought you were crazy, but a friend of mine suggested that I might like their American Beauty album. I was skeptical, but once I found a used copy of the LP for $5.00, I really had no excuse to not check it out. Turns out he was right, I love it and it’s been in heavy rotation. I hope to get their other 1970 album, Workingman’s Dead, soon. I just hope that it’s good.

6 responses to “cute band alert

  1. I’m confident you will enjoy “Workingman’s Dead” as well.

  2. Add the first Garcia solo lp (collage cover featuring hand with abbreviated digit – Garcia’s) and you’ve got not only their melodic triumphs but the only 3 well-recorded records they made. Also, the 3 best album covers.

  3. chainedandperfumed

    I’ll pick those up as soon as I next hit the used store. Thanks, guys!

    Also, I was thumbing through (what seems to be) their distressingly wildly uneven catalog on the wikipedia the other night and I couldn’t believe the large gaps in between studio albums which would be filled with live album after live album.

    I guess that whole deadhead following bought those live albums up. I suspect that they are not for me.

  4. Dire Wolf is a great song on Workingman’s Dead.

  5. Workingmans’s Dead is great,. Jerry sings harmonies with himself and plays a little banjo.
    The one I always recommend is the first live album, LIVE/DEAD 1969. It’s more the classic, dark psychedelic sound.
    These three albums stand apart from the rest.

    • chainedandperfumed

      I bought Workingman’s Dead last weekend. It’s great but I think I still prefer American Beauty. Generally speaking, I don’t really care for live albums but I’m willing to give that one a try. I’d imagine that I could pick up a used copy of the LP on the cheap. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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