le petit soldat

Jean-Luc Godard. 1960.


3 responses to “le petit soldat

  1. Filmé dans ma ville (Genève) durant la guerre d’Algérie par Raoul Coutard, le meilleur chef photo dans la carrière de JL Godard, “Le petit soldat” est un des films les plus énigmatiques du faux reclus de Rolle. Il pose un regard d’observateur apparemment dégagé sur les événements. J’aime ce film car il pose le rôle de l’artiste en temps de crise, une question toujours d’actualité.

  2. I try in english:
    Shot in my town (Geneva), Le Petit Soldat is perhaps the most controversial movie in JLG’s early filmography. France was in a bloody colonial war in Algeria when Godard shot it in Switzerland. Pro-FLN (Front de Libération) and pro-OAS (“Algeria is France”) critics wrote Godard is the enemy of their fight. In this movie JLG asked one question with courage in these violent times: an artist could be an detached observer in a national crisis ?

  3. chainedandperfumed

    Your english is great! Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier! This is one of my favorite early Godard films and to me seems to be an underappreciated film. Thanks for looking!


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