1971 grammy win

Through the magic of youtube I present Paul and Linda McCartney accepting from John Wayne the 1971 Grammy Award for the Best Original Score for a Motion Picture for Let It Be. Paul and Linda had just finished work on the Ram LP and it might be worth pointing out that he’s wearing the same shirt that he wore when the below photo was taken. Therefore it’s the same shirt that he wore in the photo that was featured on the sleeve of various international versions of the Another Day and Eat at Home 45s that have long been a fixation here.

4 responses to “1971 grammy win

  1. John Wayne made a mistake and I guess is the result of his drunkenness, because it fails entirely to Ringo Starr’s speech award. This bothered me a lot for a long time. And once argued with a person in a forum The Beatles Peru for this reason, he would say that Ringo’s contribution to the soundtrack of Let It Be was zero and that is false, in fact was the last musician to record for the sessions of that album and on the other hand appears as coauthor of Maggie May. The only way to cover his vocation to that boastful Peru was placing an image of the official page where they appear Grammis Awards winners of 1971 and there appeared the name of Ringo Starr, along with Paul John and George. The saddest thing is that Paul was so daunted by the dissolution did not say anything. That’s life my friend, I guess the Instant Karma or Maxwell’s Silver Hammer was commissioned to make see him things as they really are.

  2. chainedandperfumed

    Yeah, Ringo had a songwriting credit on Dig It. Doesn’t that 40 seconds count for anything?!

  3. Seems like Macca and wife came to the back of the hall around presentation time ,took the awards,and left. Probably Paul The Diplomatic Beatle covering the pr angle of not wanting to snub the music industry. Band on the run ,indeed

    • chainedandperfumed

      He didn’t mind accepting a Grammy for an album he didn’t hide his distaste for for the next 30 0r 40 years. Lennon in his 1970 Rolling Stone tirade, er, interview: “He’s a good PR man, I mean he’s about the best in the word… he really knows how to do a job.”

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