on this day in lohan history

On this day in Lohan history*, Lindsay reaped the rich rewards of having hooked up with three seemingly random dudes within a 24 hour period a week earlier. On January 6, 2008, The Daily Mail printed an exclusive tell-all interview with one of those gentlemen. The joke was on The Mail though as it turned out that their interview subject not only wasn’t much of a storyteller but also didn’t have much of a story to tell. Just another night for Linds.

The trouble began when Lindsay—between rehab stays and movies—was invited to receive some sort of honor at the Capri Film Festival. Needless to say Lindsay used this as an excuse to fall off the wagon that she was probably never actually on in grand style and—at least according to The Daily Mail—once in Italy, Lindsay wasted no time before drunkenly mixing with the local menfolk. Her first victim, and also the party who spilled the beans to the media, was a Alessandro Di Nunzio who The Mail lists variously as a waiter, former model and a “drummer in Italian rock band”. He seems slightly dense and in his interview he comes off mystified by the ways of the world in a manner not unlike Phil Hartman’s Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.

Di Nunzio met our Linds on a hydrofoil (!) traveling from Naples to Capri. I’ll let him take over the telling here, “She just kept staring at me. It was unnerving and and I went back inside”. Later, as the excitable Di Nunzio’s luck would have it, both he and Lindsay ended up in the same bar. “I spotted her in a bar with two friends and she beckoned me to come over. She introduced herself as Lindsay. And it was only at the end of our conversation I suddenly clicked I was talking to Lindsay Lohan. I almost collapsed”. This young man—ridiculously handsome by the way—is used to being the aggressor during courtship and was shocked by how forward Lindsay was toward him after she dragged him to dinner. It was later at a dance club when she moved in for the kill thusly (and note how everything seems to happen to this slow-witted waiter without warning), “All of a sudden, she pressed up close, looked me in the eyes and asked if she could kiss me. It was a strange role-reversal and it took me aback.”

It wasn’t long before Lindsay and Al ended up back in her hotel room where the already shaken Di Nunzio was in for the shock of his life. “We did nothing but kiss in the club. I never imagined in my wildest dreams we would end up in bed. We spent a long time talking, lying side by side on top of her bed”. Di Nunzio may be the type to sell his boring sex story to a sleazy tabloid but he likes to get to know a girl before he gets down to business. “She told me about her problems with drugs and alcohol. She said she was trying to get over them and that she’d spent time in a rehab clinic. The thing that struck me most was her intelligence. I found her very lucid and bright.” Finally Lindsay had enough conversation and “suddenly” undressed in front of him and things got hot and heavy. When they were through Di Nunzio was shown the door but not before some sort of date was arranged for later in the week.

A commitment never honored as Lindsay quickly found herself entangled with fellow film fest attendee Eduardo Costa, who The Daily Mail refer to as an “older actor” but I can find no evidence online that this man exists aside from mentions of his brief connection Lohan. The third guy who Lindsay hooked up with was Dario Faiella, “the son of Italian music legend Peppino Di Capri”, who is pictured above being dry humped by Lindsay and below the morning after.

But enough about them, the spotlight should be on Alessandro Di Nunzio. How did the poor thing react to finding out that he wasn’t the only partner that Lindsay took that day? “I was hurt and a little sad when I found out about the other guys”. One can assume that Lindsay didn’t give it much of a second though as she returned to Los Angeles a few days later with her hair a different shade than it was when she departed. A situation The Daily Mail described in bizarre and oddly old-fashioned terms, “She arrived back in Los Angeles this week looking weary after her exploits. But, her passionate encounters have clearly inspired a return to her natural red-head locks as she stepped off the plane looking the scarlet woman”.

*this should be yesterday in Lohan history because I’m a day late.

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