leacock directs

Cinéma vérité pioneer Richard Leacock, who died last month at age 89, with his lightweight camera. Circa 1962.

One response to “leacock directs

  1. This is a sad loss. I suspect many people have no idea what a hugely important figure Ricky Leacock was to the American documentary. as much in associative and collaborative terms, as that of a ‘doco auteur’. His influence on and association with Pennebaker, Robert Drew, the Maysles brothers, even Fred Wiseman, many others. . .
    And then there’s that direct connection all the way back to the Grand Old Man himself – R J Flaherty – father of American documentary film making.
    Leacock’s accounts – written and in interview – of working with Flaherty on Louisiana Story are fascinating and sometimes very funny

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