record labels

With yesterday’s reissue of the two McCartney solo “debuts”, today seems as good a day as any to look at various editions of McCartney and McCartney II.

McCartney on Apple. 1970.

McCartney on Capitol. 1970.

McCartney. Hear Music reissue. 2011. The version of Women Kind included is the same one that’s on The Piano Tape bootleg. I did not see that coming.

McCartney. Brazilian edition in glorious monophonic sound. 1970.

McCartney II. Side 2 of U.S. edition. 1980.

McCartney II. Side 2 of the Japanese edition.

McCartney II. Detail of inner sleeve/lyric sheet.

Detail of insert/ Japanese language lyric sheet. I wonder why Paul was so eager to ingratiate himself with the Japanese.

Check My Machine. The B Side to Waterfalls 45. 1980.

Today’s ephemera: the McCartney download card.

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