Monthly Archives: June 2011

f for orson

Orson in The Immortal Story. Welles. 1968.


a book by its cover

Murnau. Lotte Eisner. 1964.

French edition.

the stickers on records

Lodger. David Bowie. 1979.

kurosawa directs

Akira Kurosawa demonstrates to Toshirō Mifune how to handle a telephone in High and Low. 1963.

Toshirō Mifune on the phone.

on your sleeve

The Many Moods of Murry Wilson. Murry Wilson. 1967.

f for fields

Fields and Rosemary Theby as Mr. and Mrs. Snavely in The Fatal Glass of Beer. Clyde Bruckman. 1933.

land of silence and darkness

Werner Herzog. 1971.